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Vegan Waffle Cones

Crunchy, Balanced, Indulgent Taste

AussieBlends® sells premium waffle cones with natural ingredients and natural flavors to deliver a crisp waffle taste that enhances the ice cream.

Eating only ice cream is half the fun; with our waffle cones, you will add a new profit source and enhance your menu offerings’ appearance, taste, and texture.  AussieBlends® cones use raw sugar, no liquid sugars, or corn syrups that add a burnt after taste or molasses.

  • Better taste than traditional cones

    No molasses and no burnt after taste. Only premium natural vegan ingredients in our cones​

  • Cooked with Coconut Oil

    The unique combination of fatty acids in coconut oil may positively affect your health, such as boosting fat loss, heart health, and brain function.

  • Top Quality, Certified

    Kosher, Halal, Vegan with Natural ingredients and natural flavors.

One/Two Scoop Cones

Size B (2.16" x 5.5")
312 units / case

X-Flavors Gelato, Soft Serve & Frozen Yogurt Flavors